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Here at Lotta from Stockholm we have an unbeatable range of sale items and seconds. With sustainability at the forefront, we choose not to throw away clogs and boots with cosmetic defects, instead we treat them and put them up for a discounted price. These are all checked by Lotta and Jonny so you won’t be getting anything that you wouldn’t be happy to wear. We love to minimise waste and grab a bargain at the same time!

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  1. low wood open tan clogs
    Low Wood Open Tan
    Regular Price $75.58 $52.91
  2. Lotta From Stockholm Highwood Aubergine Clogs
    Highwood Aubergine
    Regular Price $75.58 $52.91
  3. Lotta's Low Wood Closed Toe Aubergine
    Low Wood Aubergine
    Regular Price $75.58 $52.60
  4. Ceannis Black Flower Linen Shoulder Bag
    Ceannis Black Flower Linen Shoulder Bag
    Special Price $71.35 Regular Price $114.88
  5. Unmade Corazon Scarf
    Unmade Copenhagen Corazon Scarf in Navy
    Special Price $38.64 Regular Price $48.31
  6. Unmade Copenhagen Scarf Gezane Confetti
    Unmade Copenhagen Gezane Scarf Confetti
    Special Price $43.47 Regular Price $54.36
  7. Unmade Casey Scarf powder
    Unmade Copenhagen Casey Scarf Powder
    Special Price $36.94 Regular Price $43.47
  8. Unmade Copenhagen Juliane Scarf in Red
    Unmade Copenhagen Juliane Scarf in Red
    Special Price $46.19 Regular Price $54.36
  9. Pappelina Blanket Marre in sand and vanilla
    Marre Blanket Sand
    Special Price $101.46 Regular Price $143.90
  10. Lisa Blanket Nougat
    Lisa Blanket Nougat
    Special Price $108.71 Regular Price $143.90
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