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Despite a few rumours to the contrary Lotta is a real person and she was most definitely born and raised in Stockholm.

If I am honest I have always had a bit of a 'thing' about clogs and when I look back we grew up wearing them. It didn't really matter if it was tea with Mormor (Grandma) on Sunday, playing football in the park or as you can see from my photo here, horse riding, you just wore clogs, well I did and it seemed like most other people did as well. I had three pairs which at the time was seen as a bit extravagant.

Then it all went a bit quiet for a few years, the great clog craze of the 70's died away and clogs returned to being what they have always been, just practical footwear sat in rows by the backdoor to be used as outdoor slippers.

Meanwhile a few things happened to me, I ran off and had a career, moved to the UK and had a family and life all seemed quite normal. Then on a trip back to Stockholm I noticed a few people wearing clogs and I was fascinated by them all over again, I just had to have a pair!

As it happens I had to have two and proudly starting wearing them back in the UK. The first day I wore them 2 people stopped me in the street and asked me where I got them and a friend made me promise that I would order a pair for her. On my next trip I came back with 4 pairs and the trip after that my entire suitcase was full and It was really only a few weeks from then that we placed our first proper order. I then locked my partner Jonny in a room and told him that I wasn't going to let him out until he made me a website which I am rather pleased to say he did.

Now we are onto our third website and stock what seems like an ever increasing number of clogs as well as bags, jewellery, Pappelina rugs and a few other pieces I like such as a modern day version of the Pippi jumper I am wearing in the photo.

Lotta from Stockholm started out with just me and Jonny, now we are a small team and think of each other as family. We have Myles, Rainer, Rob and Floro in the warehouse and Rosanna, Judith, Sol and Sabreen in the office. Our favourite time of day is having a Fika (coffee and a sweet treat) all together at lunch time.

I have quite a simple plan when it comes to what to stock; If I like it, we stock it and I hope you do to!

Lotta x




ps. you can reach me at [email protected]