Here at Lotta from Stockholm we have an unbeatable range of sale items, from high quality boots by brands - Ten Points, Sanita and Calou. To other accessories like Unmade Copenhagen scarves, gloves and patterned socks, Sanita slippers, Klippan blankets and Holebrook goodies. Take a look, we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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  1. Sanita Tinja in Mint
    Sanita Tinja in Mint
    Regular Price USD$102.24 USD$86.96
  2. Sanita Tinja in Sky Yellow
    Sanita Tinja in Yellow
    Regular Price USD$102.24 USD$86.96
  3. Sanita Tinja in Sky Suede
    Sanita Tinja in Sky Suede
    Regular Price USD$102.24 USD$86.96
  4. Bob Army
    Bob Army
    Regular Price USD$116.03 USD$92.83
  5. Ants Rose Taupe
    Ants Rose Taupe
    Regular Price USD$92.83 USD$74.26
  6. Ten Points Carina in Black
    Ten Points Carina in Black
    Regular Price USD$163.13 USD$113.98
  7. sanita puk olive clog boot
    Sanita Puk Olive
    Regular Price USD$156.30 USD$108.52
  8. Ten Points Eva Cappuccino
    Ten Points Eva Cappuccino
    Regular Price USD$108.52 USD$75.97
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