Looking After Your Clogs


Lotta's clogs are handmade in Sweden by a family business that has been making clogs for over 100 years. Your clogs will last you many loyal years to come, all you need to do is give them a little love and attention now and then.


First of all, a waterproof protector spray is a good idea to use before you start wearing your clogs. We do not recommend wearing your clogs in the rain due to them being made of natural materials; rain could misshapen the leather and weaken the wood. If your clogs do get wet, wad them with newspaper and leave them to dry naturally. 


Wood: The base is 100% Alder wood from sustainable Swedish forests. If the base gets dirty, you can wipe them with a slightly damp cloth or rub them with some medium fine sandpaper following the grain of the wood. 

Leather: The leather is chrome-free and vegetable dyed from Italy. Wipe the leather now and again with a dry cloth and a little leather balsam. You can buy the same leather balsam we use here. https://www.lottafromstockholm.co.uk/dubbinroyal-balsam.html

Spruzzato (Natural) leather: Our Spruzzato leather means it is untreated and not dyed, therefore, it is very sensitive to dirt and moisture. The leather will darken and soften gradually and evolve into a nice tan colour. You can protect the leather by rubbing olive oil into it with a clean, dry cloth and leave your clogs out to dry in the sun. Doing this will darken the leather straight away. If you don’t want them to darken as quickly but still want to protect them spray them with a protector spray such as scotch guard. Have a look at our other blog post on looking after natural leather clogs for more info.

Nubuck and suede leather: A dry cloth or suede brush should clean up any scuffs or marks.

Oiled leather or oiled nubuck: Rub out scratches with your thumb or a dry cloth.

Soft sole, PU and patent clogs: Wipe them over with a clean, damp cloth.

Lotta labels: For environmental reasons and EU restrictions the strongest glue cannot be used to stick the labels to our clogs. Because of this over time, the labels can move slightly on the base. If this happens you can peel the labels off, if the label doesn’t come off easily a quick blast with a hair dryer will melt the glue and then the label will peel off with ease. We are happy to send you a new pair of labels for your clogs free or charge should you need a new set!

If your clogs are a little bit tight: The leather will give slightly over time, moulding perfectly to the shape of your foot. If they feel a bit tight when you first receive your clogs wear them around the house with socks first or put a bit of moisturiser on your feet as it will help soften the leather. With our braided style clogs, you can tug each individual braid slowly, which should give a bit of stretch. Some of our leathers are tougher than others such as the yellow, green, orange, silver and gold.


Unfortunately, we do not repair clogs as we are based in London and our factory is in Sweden. 

In the rare occasion, you think your clogs may be faulty you can email us at [email protected]. We hope this has helped, if you have any questions about looking after your clogs or anything clog related, just drop us an email!