Looking after natural leather clogs


hello! I apologise for taking so long to write this, a lot of you have asked how to look after your natural leather clogs. The natural leather is untreated and not dyed, therefore it is sensitive to dirt and moisture.

The best thing to do is before you start wearing them, use a waterproof protector spray on them, such as scotch guard. The leather will darken gradually over time and evolve into a lovely tan colour. If you want them to tan quicker, you can leave them out in the sun to get a nice tan. We advise you not to wear your natural leather clogs when it's raining or if you're going somewhere muddy.


You can also rub olive oil into the leather with a clean, dry cloth, which will also help protect the leather as well.  WARNING this will darken the leather immediately and isn't something you can undo. Use a small amount of oil at a time, do one layer and leave them to dry (in the sun if possible) and then you can always rub in another layer of olive oil. Any marks that were on the leather before you rubbed oil into them may still show up afterwards and this may also show up other marks in the leather.  Take care not to get any on the wood as this will stain as well but will fade with time.


The clog on the left is a new natural peep toe clog. The clog on the right is an older clog that has been worn a lot, has been in the sun and has had quite a few layers of olive oil applied.

So what i'm trying to say is natural leather is gorgeous however it is a little sensitive, but if cared for, they will last you a long time! if you have any other questions about our clogs or anything at all please feel free to message/email/comment/tweet/pigeon post us


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