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We have a stunning selection of beautiful patterned Pappelina rugs, handmade sustainably in Sweden. A rug can completely change the space, Pappelina rugs are easy to clean, allergy friendly, water resistant, non-toxic and super functional! They can be used outdoors to add some colour to your garden, anywhere in the house and even as a bath mat.

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  1. Pappaelina Duo Mud Vanilla
    Duo Mud Vanilla
    Regular Price USD$316.42 USD$221.49
  2. Honey Pale Turquoise Vanilla
    Honey Pale Turquoise Vanilla
    Regular Price USD$289.19 USD$202.43
  3. Mono Red Pappelina
    Mono Coral Red
    Regular Price USD$206.19 USD$144.33
  4. Pappelina Mono Beige Light Nougat
    Mono Beige
    Regular Price USD$316.42 USD$221.49
  5. Pappelina Noa Pale Turquoise
    Noa Pale Turquoise
    Regular Price USD$137.46 USD$96.22
  6. pappelina Rex pale rose
    Rex Pale Rose
    Regular Price USD$212.68 USD$148.87
  7. Rex Charcoal
    Rex Charcoal
    Regular Price USD$151.73 USD$106.21
  8. Trip Ocean Blue
    Trip Ocean Blue
    Regular Price USD$137.46 USD$96.22
  9. Pappelina Vera Apple
    Vera Apple
    Regular Price USD$248.99 USD$174.29
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