Lotta's Britt Clog Boot in Bordeaux Croco Print Leather

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Introducing the Lotta from Stockholm boot range! The Britt Boot is named after Lotta's Auntie.

The Britt is a mid-length traditional style clog boot that will have you moving comfortably all day long. The britt Boots are constructed from a croco leather upper, a traditional wooden clog base, with a 6cm heel, 2cm platform and rubber outsole for grip. Pair these with some cute woollen socks and you are good to go.

As with all clog boots, they do take a moment or two to get used to. When you first start to walk in them you may notice your heel will move up and down - this is normal with any clog boot style. This does feel a little strange at first, almost as if you are walking out of them but you get used to it very quickly so don't be alarmed by this.

A waterproof protector spray is a good idea to use before you start wearing your boots

These run true-to-size, however:

  • If you have a high instep or wide feet size up.
  • If you are in-between sizes size up
  • If you want to wear thick socks size up

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