Sheepskin Torino Mule Slippers in Sand with Fur Trim

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Sink tired toes into the plush 100% sheepskin slippers. Sheepskin slippers are ideal as they ensure your feet are comfortable, whilst allowing them to breath, keeping your feet warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s warm.

These slippers feature a non-slip sole making them perfect across all surfaces of your home. The wedge soles offer a nice sense of structure and give stability to the slipper

Sheepskin is a living material and features its own natural dirt repellency. We recommend airing your slippers and brushing with a suede brush, or wiping gently with a terry towel. If you do need to wash the slippers, use soap intended for sheepskin products, then fill the slippers with paper and let them dry slowly at room temperature.

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