GUEST POST : Sierra / Big_City_Dreamer

Like any other shoe, clogs are now a staple piece in my closet. Experiencing all 4 seasons in one day, these shoes allow me to fashionably forward. Whether that’s wearing them bare on a warm day, tights on a cool fall evening or socks just to add some spunk, anyway is trendy. The clogs themselves speak such a story about them. Being handmade in Sweden, the quality is impeccable for the price you pay. They are waterproof when using a spray, as you would with any other shoe you’d wear in wet weather. However, swimming in the rain with them is not suggested because they are all natural material i.e leather and wood.

When it comes to fashion, I have built my knowledge of sustainable fashion and what’s eco-friendly. These shoes are 100% Alder wood from the Swedish forest themselves. The leather is chrome-free and vegetable dyed from Italy. Fancy fancy, huh?

Right now, my go-to pair is the“HIGH WOOD NAVY ON BROWN BASE a size 36 or 6us. I normally would be a 5.5 however, I shot for a 6 because I knew I would wear some sort of layer with them, so that would allow wiggle room, and sure enough, they’re perfect. Interestingly though, as I like the street-chic look more, I thought to pair these with my fun Levi ankle socks. It provides a dressy yet, casual look. With becoming more and more comfortable with the fact clogs are my go-to shoes now, it's fun to take risks in what you pair them with. Whether that's socks, tights, all-natural feet, the options are endless.

* Socks: Levis<
* Lotta From Stockholm: Clogs<
* Lotta Shops: Socks<

If you also are needing some more inspiration you can check out Lotta's Instagram.

Thank you Sierra / big city dreamer

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