BRAND SPOTLIGHT : Egos Copenhagen


The comfiest indoor shoes around, from Danish company Egos Copenhagen. Egos indoor shoes are handmade out of 100% pure natural wool. Egos are produced in Katamndu, Nepal using raw wool from New Zealand and dyed with eco-friendly colours. These are ethically produced with each pair taking time and skill, so each employee can only make 2 pairs of shoes a day.



I, Egos are made with Pure new wool

2, Egos are 100% handmade.

3, Egos have a double sole for comfort.

4, Egos use Eco-friendly dyes.

5, Egos are designed in Copenhagen, Denmark.

6, Egos are produced in Katmandu, Nepal.

7, Egos are Fair Trade certified.

8, Egos shoes are insulating and allow the foot to breathe.

9, Egos shoes contain Lanolin, making them resistant to moisture, grime and offer odour reduction.

10, Egos shoes can be vacuumed to remove dust.

11, Egos shoes can be cool washed in a machine or hand at 30 C. Put back on the foot to re-shape.

12, Egos knits are hand knitted in Merino wool by our workers.



The many layers of Egos slippers, to ensure proper insulation and comfort.