A good scarf can take your look to the next level, it’s such a versatile accessory with winter scarves adding a layer and keeping you warm, to dainty summer neck scarves to add a pop of colour. You can even tie them to your bag, plait into your hair or wear as a belt. We have beautiful high quality scarves from well-known brands Unmade Copenhagen and Powder UK. Have a browse!

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  1. Unmade Casey Scarf powder
    Unmade Copenhagen Casey Scarf Powder
    Special Price $39.93 Regular Price $46.99
  2. Unmade Corazon Scarf
    Unmade Copenhagen Corazon Scarf in Navy
    Special Price $41.76 Regular Price $52.22
  3. Unmade Copenhagen Scarf Gezane Confetti
    Unmade Copenhagen Gezane Scarf Confetti
    Special Price $46.99 Regular Price $58.75
  4. Unmade Copenhagen Juliane Scarf in Red
    Unmade Copenhagen Juliane Scarf in Red
    Special Price $49.93 Regular Price $58.75
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