Classic red PU clogs with strap

  • Classic red Clogs with a Moveable Strap
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    Classic Clogs with a moveable strap.  The uppers in these are made from a PU coated leather which give a tough durable finish. We think the footbed shape on these is one of the best there is. They provide support through the arch and distribute the weight evenly across your foot. There is even a small imprint for your big toe so its sits in the right place. The soles are made from Swedish Alder which chosen for its combination of strength, hardness and light weight. Heel height is 5cm with a 2cm platform.

    Please note that the strap on these is not designed for constant use and should be considered more for decorative purposes. It will fit most people and be functional but fit for all foot and ankle shapes cannot be guaranteed.

    These clogs are true to size.

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