New tractor sole clogs

New clogs

Hello! exciting news, our new clogs have finally arrived! Hurray!! I'm going to post a few blogs about our new clogs as we have quite a few I don't want to squeese them all into one post. So today I want to show you our brand new clogs, The tractor sole! oOoh! new tractor sole, chunky heel, retro style, we LOVE these. The Same base as the high clog, but with a larger tractor sole, which actually makes them extra comfortable! they also have a movable strap you can have either at the front so the are slip on, or have it round your ankle for some added support. I think they look great either way! They come in three colours, aubergine leather, brown oiled nubuck and black leather. All our leathers are chrome free and vegetable tanned. Hand made in Sweden, with the same fine craftsmanship as all our other clogs obviously! 

new clogs posternew clogs poster (1)