Lotta's Factory


Welcome to Sweden (Valkommen in Swedish) - home to Lotta from Stockholm's clog factory! Lotta clogs are still handcrafted in the same old clog factory since the early 1900s using traditional methods.


This is Sandor, he has been making clog bases for over 30 years and looks after the production of all our bases.


We use Swedish alder wood for the bases as it's light and durable. Every base is sanded in Sweden and then checked again once it reaches our UK warehouse.



Leather pieces are cut one-by-one using traditional cutters. Our leather is sourced from European tannins that are eco-friendly!



In fact, all our materials are European, even the staples which are Swedish! We do this because we believe in sourcing locally.


We are a small family-run business. This is Lotta with Kent, who took on the factory from his father.