Getting ready for the colder months with Holebrook


Autumn has well and truly set in, whilst the nights are drawing in there are still great things about Autumn:

  • Fresh and crisp sunny mornings.

  • The changing colours in the trees and leaves

  • getting the best possible #fromwhereistand instagram because of all the beautiful fallen leaves

  • The warm orangey and berry colour pallets that suddenly appear in the shops (who doesn't love a berry lipstick in Autumn)

  • When it's cold outside and you can be curled up on a sunday afternoon in front of a film sipping on your hot drink of choice (green tea with cranberry for me) without feeling guilty at all.

  • Big cosy jumpers and warm socks.

  • Tights with clogs and socks, yes finally! (and not having to worry about hairy legs...)

  • Clog boots!

  • Halloween, because fancy dress and sweets!

  • Pumpkins and all the delicious root vegetables that appear at the market so you can make warm hearty soups.

  • getting excited about Christmas

  • Layering. because that t-shirt, shirt, jumper and coat look great together

What are your favourite things about Autumn?

We have some fantastic new jumpers out from Swedish label Holebrook. 100% cotton, 100% Swedish! Cool, comfortable and top quality.

"Beginning: Our love for the sea, our small house on the island Resö on the Swedish west coast. The boat, the people, the fisherman and the scents. That's where Holebrook was born. So: What others call a brand we see more as a love story. Now: That way, our will to make right becomes even more important."Make right" as in right materials, right looks, durability, ecology and healthy production. Welcome to the cold season with Holebrook."

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