Clogs with tights and socks

It's been a very warm September, which is great it's felt like a pretty long summer! However sometimes I feel like I just want to wrap up in a chunky knit jumper and snuggle into the softest scarf. I will probably regret saying that by December and want my denim shorts and flip flops back! But what to wear in this transitional weather? I'm still wearing my summer dresses with tights and flinging a jacket over the top, not much more layering is needed than that at the moment, but that could all change next week! I am still wearing my clogs as they can be worn in the cooler months. If you don't feel prepared to bare your feet or legs when it is getting colder we think socks and tights are a great look with your clogs. It's not the same as a socks and sandal situation so don't worry about looking like a big kid or a dad on holiday! Have a look at our snaps and see for yourself, let us know what you think!

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